The Coin Tower (Blog #2)

          On Monday October 20th, I demonstrated my coin tower showing how inertia and friction works. I used a butter knife and a few coins, I stacked the coins into a tower and I used a fast motion by swiping the bottom coin out of the tower. The result was that the tower remained the way it was, but the last coin was removed.

The explanation for why this works is because of Newton’s First Law stating that an object in motion (or at rest) tends to stay in motion (or at rest). Meaning that the coins stacked want to stay at rest while the last coin that I removed follows the force of the butter knife. The gravity of Earth pulls the tower downward and the butter knife pushes the coin to the left or right depending on what side you swipe. This also deals with friction, if I were to use a slow motion and I swiped the bottom coin out of the tower the friction between the last coin and the tower would drag all the coins with itself, resulting in a toppled tower.

You can try out this experiment at home as well by following this video! 


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